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  1. Nekone

    Appreciation If you really love me

    You would stream this bop
  2. Nekone

    Appreciation My babies are just a blessing

    I can't stop streaming them and you should do the same.
  3. Nekone

    Appreciation When will you start doing the right thing?

    And stan Keyakizaka46??? Stream now!
  4. Nekone

    Appreciation Suzumon is the cutest!

    Happy Suzumon day~!!!
  5. Nekone

    Appreciation Today is such a blessed day

    Today, we celebrate the birthday of a Goddess known as Suzumoto Miyu~ My baby turned 21, time goes by too fast. I hope all the best for Suzumon, health, success and happiness. Happy Birthday to Keyaki's talented dancer and odd ball!