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  1. JunnieBunnie

    I finally listened to Gasoline...

    Holy shit Key! KEY? KEY ARE YOU OK? WHAT IS IN THE SM WATER? Now I hate MV tho.. and the outfits just ugh but the song Damn
  2. taemint

    king interacts with his peasants

    jk they're all royalty :pepeheart: love seeing my faves interact :sanapray: still cant get over lucas' fucking hair why does he lowkey look like minho :yolk:
  3. RavenHikari

    Group ☆ Official U-Kiss {유키스}☆ {ユーキス} Thread ☆

    Ubiqitious Korean International Super Stars 2008-PRESENT ☆ NH MEDIA -☆OFFICIALFANDOM: KISSme -☆OFFICIAL COLOR: Fuchsia Pink ☆☆☆•CURRENTLY ACTIVE MEMBERS•☆☆☆ From Pocheon, South Korea Birthday: March 11, 1989 Position: Leader, Main Vocalist Height: 181 CM Blood Type: A Twitter: ukissSH Fun...