1. marublade

    I ended up in a Discord server with a bunch of kid ARMY....

    Do not even ask me how tf it happened it just did... And I feel like a hag... None of them know how discord god damn works and they are struggling with EVERYTHING They also know nothing about kpop overall and even their knowledge of BTS isn't that amazing (not that there is anything wrong with...
  2. K

    Appreciation When Korean Kids meet Foreigners for the First Time

    Happy Holidays Everyone!! My friend made this awesome video, maybe you guys would love it! :D:D
  3. marublade

    Appreciation Kai with kids is the cutest thing ever

    There are a lot of idols who like kids, but Kai not only likes them, but is good with them! He has been on multiple shows with kids and the kids have liked him a lot in all of them! Not to mention how cute he is with his nephew and niece!
  4. A

    MV Kids girlgroup CoCo debuted with TalkTalk

  5. chvnle

    MV Stray Kids' 'Mixtape#2' Video OUT NOW

    Extremely late but since I don't think anyone did a thread on it I'll do one Please listen to the lyrics!