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  1. mynameislalisa

    Comeback PreOrder / Release Date : Blackpink 2ND MINI ALBUM - KILL THIS LOVE

    Release Date : 2019.4.23 (TUE) Pre-order Date : 2019.4.4 (THU) 4pm ~ 2019.4.22(MON) YG SELECT Price : ₩ 16,300 (Includes VAT)
  2. mynameislalisa

    Comeback Question: What's better than the comeback of your favorite group?

    WHEN THEY COME BACK AT YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :llama_BLEED: I'm sorry but I'm so happy right now. My last days were really shitty and now my week starts like this. I could cry. I'm sure they are coming back because they knew I have my birthday this day *irony off* Please support Blackpink or...