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kim kibum

  1. alo

    Appreciation happy 1 year anniversary to key's bad love!

    since it is already 27th september in kst, happy anniversary to one of the greatest kpop songs (and eps!) of all time! @Shawol
  2. NeoSquare

    News Once in a lifetime: Kim Kibum resurfaced

    Source For a program called 'Two Feet Live', Kibum, former SJ member, visited his old house AND dorm from his trainee time, where he used to live with SJ and TVXQ. When seeing his old dorm, he wanted to visit SM's building as well. Upon seeing it, he said "Look how SM has changed" He held a...
  3. yeji

    Teaser Key's Solo Album "Face" Teasers are released

    what a king. so excited for his solo album to finally drop.
  4. yeji

    Reality Key Log [Episodes will be updated ones they are uploaded]

    EP1: Let's support this cutie and the new show
  5. yeji

    MV Key "Forever Yours" MV

    Finally Forever Yours is released. Love the song. It has such a great vibe to it. Kibum really has done a good job.
  6. yeji

    Teaser New Key's "Forever Yours" MV Teaser

    I really am loving this beat
  7. yeji

    Teaser Key "Forever Yours" MV Teaser #2

    love the aesthetic. King is gonna serve us something beautiful and so far the song seems good too.
  8. yeji

    Teaser Key (feat. Soyou) "Forever Yours" MV Teaser #1

    Can it already be the 6th of November. I am so excited to hear this song.
  9. yeji

    Debut SHINee Key and solo debut details

    It was just announced that Key will release the single “Forever Yours” on November 6 at 6 p.m. KST. The song apparently will be a R&B pop track with a tropical house vibe. Following the single, his first studio album will be released later in November. So excited to see what kind of music Kibum...
  10. yeji

    Debut SHINee Key having a solo debut

    Hello~ I am so excited at the news that Kibum is preparing his solo debut. I always appriciated his vocals and felt that he deserves a chance to show them of.