1. Lucky

    Since we're all not getting love. How are you with talking to crushes during social distancing?

    Oooh Oooh Oooh! It's Koala time. And you know what that means. I'M PROCRASTRINATING BECAUSE MY TEACHERS SWAMPED ME WITH HOMEWORK AGAIN (One more month of this..then I signed up for two classes for summer. And I have to register for fall. Am I tired? Yes) Love is in the air. Don't say COVID...
  2. Lucky

    What are your assumptions of me? (KOALA/LeeriaYa)

    @Lady_Grey I'm stealing the idea :susPepe: I had threads planned out but they were way too long and even I felt I wanted a nap Let's hear them though. Don't worry. My feelings are only hurt when my fries get dropped Make assumptions and I'll say if they're true,or not.
  3. Koala

    Appreciation KOAlity Love From Your KOAlity Girl

    Rose's are red. I can't spell but I hope you all are doing well. It has been many months and I learned how to hibernate. But I'd like to take you on a fancy appreciation date. Pop a squat and I'll get down on one knee. To show you a large rock that means matromy. To all the users of K-POP...
  4. Koala

    ⭐️Ask Koala(LeeriaYa)🌟

    :llama_cheer: Hi Hi~! So,I’m trying to improve my post count up more! My points,too Here you can ask me anything. I’ll give you a quote I make,and we can even just talk here. Please help me! It can be all types of advice. I’m surprisingly expierienced with alt. You can even ask me as a mod of...
  5. Koala

    ~Joshua Hong~Love

    Here,I give you protection from all the unholy things I’m about to say in this thread. I want the best for the people..Only the people who love Joshua,and adore Seventeen. Let us start with our BDSM classes. You gotta go hard in it and get them to say,”Oh no,stop. I can’t take it anymore.”...