1. victorious

    BTS V is amazing at reading people

    Tell me what you think about V who is amazing at reading/analyzing people
  2. JellySea

    Solve this K-POP test to check your knowledge!

    Hello. This is a K-POP test. It won't be easy to solve it! Try my test so that you can check your K-pop knowledge. Whatever your score is, you can get a lot of things from the test. Also, if you enjoyed taking the test, share this to other communities and friends! Take the test: K POP TEST II...
  3. Equal_seungyo

    News The 2020 APAN Awards are happening in 2021.

    The 2020 APAN Awards are happening in 2021, here's how to watch the (bandwagon.asia)
  4. nunbeat


    Ayo! My name is Marie! I dance k-pop since 4 years! I post some kpop dance covers on my ig! Can y'all see my videos and tell me what you think? Instagram : @nunbeat tysm, y'all!!💞
  5. djinnaseoul

    Appreciation Kpop Random Dance in a K-BBQ restaurant! 😆

    We're so crazy here in Colorado for Kpop, we take over K-BBQ restaurants for random dance!
  6. FANCY

    Recommend Me Some Girl Group B-Sides