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  1. victorious

    BTS V is amazing at reading people

    Tell me what you think about V who is amazing at reading/analyzing people
  2. JellySea

    Solve this K-POP test to check your knowledge!

    Hello. This is a K-POP test. It won't be easy to solve it! Try my test so that you can check your K-pop knowledge. Whatever your score is, you can get a lot of things from the test. Also, if you enjoyed taking the test, share this to other communities and friends! Take the test: K POP TEST II...
  3. Equal_seungyo

    News The 2020 APAN Awards are happening in 2021.

    The 2020 APAN Awards are happening in 2021, here's how to watch the (
  4. nunbeat


    Ayo! My name is Marie! I dance k-pop since 4 years! I post some kpop dance covers on my ig! Can y'all see my videos and tell me what you think? Instagram : @nunbeat tysm, y'all!!💞
  5. djinnaseoul

    Appreciation Kpop Random Dance in a K-BBQ restaurant! 😆

    We're so crazy here in Colorado for Kpop, we take over K-BBQ restaurants for random dance!
  6. FANCY

    Recommend Me Some Girl Group B-Sides