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  1. Cosmic

    Announcement New Security Feature - Session Log & Killer

    We are very serious about your account security & how you will be able to protect how your account is accessed. Simply head over to & check out our new session log & killer. Below is an example how it will look like. Stay tuned for many more updates to...
  2. Cosmic

    Announcement New Feature - Media Section

    Hello everyone again, i will like to introduce to you guys to our new media section, its easy, just add a link from youtube an MV or teaser & it will pull all official data from it to be embedded on our media section, this way we have an all in one section for comments, easy embed to the video...
  3. Cosmic

    Announcement New Feature - Spotify Integration

    Since we are a kpop discussion forum & most of us listen to our songs through spotify, we have added a spotify integration feature. You can connect your spotify account through this page. You can log in with your spotify account or show...
  4. notthatmarko

    Information KPopSource Forum Rules

    USER INTERACTION Remain kind and respectful to the other members of the forum as well as guests that may be visiting. We all have different opinions, however, name-calling, unprovoked attacks, harassment, bullying, exposing and threats are not allowed under any circumstance. Breaking these...