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kpop girl group

  1. Saythename17

    Are There Any Songs By Your Ult Group That You Dislike?

    For me, the answer is none
  2. Discipline

    BlackPink - 'Kill This Love' MV EXPLAINED

    So, because I like, 'Kill This Love', I decided to make this thread in hopes of explaining (Hopefully) the music video behind the song. So, the song in it's entirety is about a relationship which is toxic (Possibly for both sides) and needs to be ended. There's a sense of self-awareness about...
  3. makestar

    Debut Join the crowdfunding project of HOT PLACE's debut album

    Brand new girl group HOT PLACE makes their debut this week! And now there is a Makestar crowdfunding project to support the release of HOT PLACE's first album :) Join right now and make the project reach its 100% goal to get yourself a bunch of rewards prepared!!! Click here HOT PLACE NEW Album...