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kpop shop

  1. cheresie

    GFX Jimin fanart and Finger heart <3

    Hello everyone , I'm a 2D artist for video games, but when I'm free I love creating illustrations for my personal online shop. I did a Fanart of Jimin, you can see it here :) ‘Jimin BTS’ by cheresie And more here cheresie Thank you for those you will take a look at my work !! here is my...
  2. Tiffany

    Verified Sites For KPOP Merchandise

    Hey guys & gals, i would like to make this the official thread for a list of legit kpop online shops & where users can share their experience buying their kpop merchandise. As a start, i would place kpoptown on the list as i have used it to buy @baekk his album for the giveaway back in December...