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kpop songs

  1. aloverofkpop

    parts in kpop songs that transport you to another dimension?

    credits to @jesus_christ and @ilychan cause i saw them do these kinds of threads before me :pandalove: !! anyway it's actually such a shame how i don't talk so much about seungcheol over here, even when he's my ult. anyway appreciate his heavenly whispered post-bridge chorus here's his...
  2. RockyGoose

    Some of my favourite kpop songs of second quarter of 2022

    Well... I used to make threads like this on the other forum before it shut down. But some of my favourite kpop songs of the second quarter of 2022. (meaning: released between 1st of April to 30th of June) On the other forum, I only put 10 songs. Well... not all of these are pop songs though...
  3. Saythename17

    Kpop Songs That Describe Your Current Mood?

  4. whatever

    18+ Share creepy, spooky, icky or unnerving KPOP songs you like

    The title of the thread is self-explanatory isn't it ? Share your creepy, spooky, icky or unnerving KPOP songs you like, you disturbed minds ! :llama_shook::pandaomg: Here, some of mine (in the spoilerish thing below, if you dare !)