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  1. maruberry

    This has my OT12 EXO-L heart shaking

    Luhan is scared of flying. I imagine that was also a huge reason why he left EXO. With EXO he had to fly around th eworld and between China and Korea a lot. I imagine it must have influenced his mental state very badly. but this... My OT12 and my KrisLuTao heart! It is so sad to see this, how...
  2. maruberry

    I hate old EXO clips and performances

    I hate seeing KrisLuTao with them in those clips. It has been years, but it still hurts. Especially Luhan and Tao, because Tao was my wrecker and Luhan was up there too! It just hurts. A bit of advice for new EXO-Ls and old EXO-Ls alike. DO NOT WATCH EXO SHOWTIME! You will fall in love with...