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kuro is back

  1. kuro

    Intro lol im back

    hi guys miss me? :jenniesmug: jk i'm probably a nugu now i've been gone so long :yolk: but for those who remember me HI IM BACK. i was gone for like half a year (maybe even longer) bc high school is hard and i totally overbooked myself so i ended up not having time for the forums anymore so i...
  2. kuro

    Appreciation changed my aesthetic after a while

    lmao but it signifies a new era :sj_weary: with corona and all I'll be more active since there's no school :wimwim: ok bye just wanted to say that LMAO tagging a few people that may be proud of me @ikonicraja @potato @mirella @Mangoey @Darjeeling :sanapray: :pandalove: