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  1. kuro

    guess who's back :wimwim:

    it's your favorite otp, back from their hiatus :queen: @MsJimin and kuro are BACK welcome us <333 :sanapray: :sj_weary: stan juiceyo (click the bts pic) mega huge taglist that's basically the fam :nekolove: @Mirae @Chahee @Drug @Skinnny @Darjeeling @Yolks @Mangoey @itzybitzyblink...
  2. kuro


    so my wife and I (@MsJimin ) were arguing about our ship name being mimi she wants her name first :nekopout: so it's up to kps to decide I wanted to wait but this is u r g e n t - now the super long taglist :nekosweat:
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation Kuroyuri is uncancelled

    @kuroyuri might be a snake, but I actually REALLY like snakes! They are cute and shy and just overall adorable!
  4. Baechu

    Appreciation How to make a @kuroyuri