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  1. gyuvin

    I was about to get into laboum till i saw this...

    WHAT?!! I JUST STARTED STANNING THEM I- :oliviakek: :oliviakek: :oliviakek: :crycry: :crycry: :crycry:
  2. OnlyCalB

    Performance Laboum 'Kiss Kiss' @ SBS The Show [21.11.23]

    Laboum @ SBS The Show 21.11.23 'Kiss Kiss'
  3. OnlyCalB

    Performance Laboum 'Kiss Kiss' @ Sketchbook

    Laboum @ Sketchbook 21.11.19 'Kiss Kiss'
  4. OnlyCalB

    Performance Laboum 'Kiss Kiss' @ KBS Music Bank [21.11.19]

    Laboum @ KBS Music Bank 21.11.19 'Kiss Kiss'
  5. RandAlThor

    Laboum on Weekly Idol..

    This was a ton of fun , and super nice to see them finally get on WI. Eunhyuk and Kwanghee were very good with them.
  6. LoveYooShaSha

    LABOUM - Sudden Attack (New Model Character / Voice Recording Behind the Scenes)

    LABOUM - Sudden Attack (New Model Character / Voice Recording Behind the Scenes) @Latte
  7. LoveYooShaSha

    Performance Laboum 'Journey to Atlantis' @ MBC Show Music Core [21.06.05]

    Laboum @ MBC Show Music Core 21.06.05 'Journey to Atlantis' Special Stage
  8. Abeamus

    News Laboums reactions to Journey To Atlantis hitting #1

    On the May 8 episode of MBC’s variety show “How Do You Play?”, Yoo Jae Suk asked his new project group MSG Wannabe to sing LABOUM’s “Journey to Atlantis,” referring to it as “a song that I personally really like.” Shortly afterwards, “Journey to Atlantis”—which had already started climbing back...
  9. LoveYooShaSha

    Performance Laboum - Journey to Atlantis (2021 ver.) (ESQUIRE Korea Live)

    Laboum - Journey to Atlantis (2021 ver.) (ESQUIRE Korea Live) @Latte
  10. eclipsoul

    News Laboum to make a comeback next month

  11. RavenHikari

    Appreciation They Really Out Sold

    Laboum - Firework They have really grown. I mean Damn Soyeon High Notes. ZN always looking like some elven princess. The Harmony parts :sj_weary: The fact it has less than 1million views is a crime. This is growth as kpop group. 5 years with Laboum. :pepeheart: Dreamcatcher - Deja Vu Can I...
  12. Abeamus

    MV Laboum - Firework

  13. lexus

    Laboum Badge Voting Thread

    OFFICIAL LABOUM BADGE THREAD SUGGESTIONS PERIOD: September 18th - September 25th VOTING PERIOD: September 25th - TBA RULES Badge size must be 77x77 Use official photos Covered faces or side profiles are allowed if the idol is easily identifiable Do not use badges from other forums Use high...
  14. lexus

    News Laboum is looking for a 6th Japanese member

    “LABOUM has opened up auditions for a new group member in Japan. The group announced throughRakuten Live that they are holding auditions for a 6th member. Applicants who wish to audition must be able to sing and dance and have at least graduated junior high school, and must not have any...
  15. SnowWhite

    MV Rich girl kpop concepts?

    Recommend juseyo and don't only stick to top groups. I love the visuals and i need more