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ladies' code

  1. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation Rosé's First Girlfriend

    @Girl Group @Blink
  2. lexus

    Favorite Ladies' Code song(s)?

    So I was look through a random playlist Spotify gave me, and I came across this masterpiece - And this masterpiece has inspired me to make this thread :wimwim: Anyways, my faves are Pretty Pretty, So Wonderful, and Bad Girl. What about yours?
  3. George

    MV Ladies' Code released "SET ME FREE" MV today. And minialbum "#CODE03 SET ME FREE" with 5 songs.

    Other songs on album: "NEW DAY", "NEVER ENDING STORY", "JASMINE", "FEEDBACK".
  4. George

    Teaser Ladies' Code "CODE#03 SET ME FREE" album preview (5 songs)

    Ladies' Code "CODE#03 SET ME FREE" album preview was posted. About 20 seconds for each song: "SET ME FREE", "NEW DAY", "NEVER ENDING STORY", "JASMINE", "FEEDBACK". Also, "NEVER ENDING STORY" is special song for fans.
  5. George

    Teaser Ladies' Code (레이디스 코드) "SET ME FREE" MV second teaser. (October 10 is near)

    Second teaser for "SET ME FREE" MV. Link to first teaser.
  6. VillageIdiot

    Teaser Ladies' Code SET ME FREE Teasers

  7. VillageIdiot

    Teaser Ladies Code 'Set Me Free"

    @SuddenlyKfan @BritishLuvie @mysteric @George @kodoku
  8. VillageIdiot

    Teaser LADIES CODE Code#03 Tracklist and Teaser

    @George @kodoku @SuddenlyKfan @mysteric @BritishLuvie
  9. George

    Comeback Ladies' Code (레이디스 코드). "SET ME FREE" comeback (2019).

    Comeback date is October 10 (10/10) Album name "CODE#03 SET ME FREE" and title song is "SET ME FREE". September 26 2019. Spoiler/teaser:
  10. George

    Comeback Ladies' Code(레이디스 코드) comeback "FEEDBACK" is in progress!

    Ladies' Code returns after 2 years and 7 months. We have this now: Please take a look 🤩