1. Saythename17

    Say These 3 Words in 3 Languages That You Like

    HELLO | LOVE | THANKS Here's my list: 1. Korean : Annyeonghaseyo, Sarang, Gomabda 2. Spanish : Hola, Amour, Gracias 3. Japanese: Konichiwa, Ai, Arigato
  2. marublade

    Appreciation The way WayV communicate is a mess

    it's just straight up a mess. In a recent live they switched languages approx. every THREE seconds. EVERY THREE SECONDS! It's bcs damn near all their sentences are this weird mix of english, mandarin and korean. IT IS WEIRD! I blame it on the fact that they all speak so many different languages...
  3. perhapz

    Teach me a word/expression in your/another language

    Hello! So, do you guys have any word/expression in your/another language that you think is interesting? Teach me! For me, I'd like to say that the word I liked the most when I was learning English was "perhaps", just because it sounds cool. I ended up turning it into my username, as you can...