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ldn noise

  1. maruberry

    News SuperM's debut is produced by LDN noise!

    I am excited, now it is DEFINETLY going to be a certified bop! I'd like to remind you all that other songs LDN noise has been involved with would be: SHINee View SHINee Married to the music Red Velvet Dumb Dumb F(x) 4 Walls EXO's Monster EXO's Lucky One EXO's Power and Gravity NCT 127's Fire...
  2. RavenHikari

    Best Title Track Songs LDN Noise Have Made

    Uniquely the best songs: Only one song per artists Shinhwa - Sniper (2015) SHINee - Married To The Music (2015) Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb (2015) f(x) - 4 Walls (2015) Boys Republic - Get Down (2016) EXO - Lucky One (2016) Astro - Crazy Sexy Cool (2017) NCT127 - Touch (2018) UNB -...