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  1. seoriverse

    Rumor Blackpink Rosé was supposed to feature on a Bella Poarch song??

    This is all very unexpected but Rosé was supposed to feature in a remix of Build-a-Bitch by Bella Poarch. She even wrote the verse she was supposed to sing herself! YG (surprisingly 🙄) decided to not release the song. An account ended up leaking it anyways. Here's the leaked version @Blink
  2. maruberry

    Logan Paul is gay/bi

    So... Apparently there is now a leaked vid out there of Logan Paul sucking dick... Sooo... umm... Good for him ig? Kinda sad it had to come out this way? he has really been acting like kind of a decent guy in the past year or so and the ppl who were working with him in the KSI vs Logan Paul...