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  1. Abeamus

    Which legendary card would you want?

    You can only pick 1 :pandatea:
  2. FaceMcShooty

    Appreciation What was your most legendary thread?

    What was the best thread you ever made? Post it here! :sanapray:
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    My 2000th Post

    Come on 2000th post, let's get SICKENING!!!
  4. maruberry

    Appreciation Reason 95506783 for why I love Kai!

    His intellectual usage of technology! Ain't nobody doing it like him! He listens to music on his macbook! Like it is supposed to be done! Legends only! Then that king goes and calls youtube! Again, legendary behaviour, forever my icon!
  5. maruberry

    Appreciation To everyone who doesn't know me!

    When this forum gets big, I will be the legendary member. I will be the queen of KPS! Just letting you all know! I will be known for my dedication towards WayV, Kai and my one and only, the only one I need in this world, my god and my love Woozi! So Y'all better remember me!
  6. yeji

    Cover Hwasa performs TVXQ's "Rising Sun"

    What a beautiful day it is today.
  7. yeji

    Cover How Kangta finished all the fanwars

    Yes You are seeing it right. H.O.T's Kangta is singing Sechskies Couple. All fanwars are ended now. What a legend he is.