lemon candy

  1. A

    MV Pink Fantasy(핑크판타지) _ Lemon Candy(레몬사탕)

    After songs like iriwa, FANTASY and Shadow Play this is very... Underwhelming? Apparently this was supposed to be a b-side but they chose to release it with a low budget MV because they haven't released anything in a while. It's just another cute song, not gonna put this on my playlist.
  2. marublade

    Teaser Pink Fantasy "Lemon Candy" teaser pictures

    I forgot to post some of them.... But that's alright bcs I'm posting them now! The song will be released on the 21st BUT we are getting a performance of it before that on the 20th! @Luvit @Girl Group
  3. marublade

    Teaser Pink Fantasy "Lemon Candy" SeeA & Harin teaser pictures

    MY GIRLS! Harin has NO RIGHT looking this god damn adorable!!!! And SEEA MY BABE! @Luvit @Girl Group
  4. marublade

    Teaser Pink Fantasy comeback "Lemon Candy" teaser picture

    Heesun baby is back for this and the next comeback! Daewang has a small mask for the choreo! I AM SO EXCITED! @Girl Group @Luvit