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little mix

  1. JakeyWantsCakey

    Audio LITTLE MIX - Not A Pop Song

  2. JakeyWantsCakey

    Reality Did any of y'all watch Little Mix: The Search last night???

    So basically, British girl group, Little Mix have a new audition program to form a new group to be the opening act for their next UK tour! The first episode was last night and although it as a little cringe and cheesy in some places, the first group they formed seemed decent and the girls...
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation The Best Of Jade Thirlwall's STRONG Accent

    Jade and Perrie are from a similar part of the UK as me so whenever I hear them talk in interviews, it always reminds me of where I grew up!
  4. Ghostface

    Appreciation Joan of Arc

    This song is so good by the brit girls Little Mix. 18 songs total, feels a bit weighty, but they have great vocal harmonies and sexy and self empowering lyricism. Last cd for the year for me I think.