1. kuro

    people you could talk to for forever

    @NogaNono @baekk @TwentyOneJongdae @Yolks @goyo @Jimimis I'm sure there's more xD, but what's your lists? :sakUwu: also I made this because I reached my goal of 90 threads today xD but don't be surprised if I just decide to get to 100 today :chickill::chickill::chickill:
  2. iAbad

    Quotes by Gracie

    Hello all, My cat, Gracie, is here with some self authored quotes for your every emotion. Enjoy. UPDATE: Gracie felt like spreading inspiration once again. Shoutout to @Joy Here’s some more: [/SPOILER] Might update it in the future, but for now, that’s all. Hope you were inspired...