loona legends

  1. Athena

    who's the BEST kpop group ever?

    This definitely hasn't been done before. 100% original thread idea i swear :welp: For me it's ❤ anyway promote your favorite group below and tell me who the best Korean Pop group is of all time in your opinion ❤
  2. Athena


    CHOREO OF THE YEAR. PERIODT. even their hair flips were in perfect sync talented LEGENDS. Stan Loona and fly like a butterfly ❤ :llama_lovely::llama_laugh::llama_lovely:
  3. karina


    I AM HYPED. Everything sound so good. So curious about the full songs now
  4. inverity

    Intro once a nugu always a nugu

    honestly i've been on this site before (and even attempted to make the monsta x artist thread, but we won't talk about that) but i'm back bitches!!!! and more mentally stable than ever. i'm inverity. i'm a veteran of akp by most standards and a seasoned kpop listener. i used to be an army for...
  5. karina

    Cover Oh My Go Won [SHOOOOOK]

    damn baby girl knows how to slaaayy
  6. Skinnny

    Best era for your bias groups/soloists?

    What has been the best era for your favorite artists till now? The era you think they shined in the most. Loona doesn't have enough eras for me to choose from. Bigbang's best era has to be the "MADE" era for me. They served everything from music to fashion and performances. From Groups I...