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  1. Ashla_K

    Appreciation Congratulations fellow Orbits!!

    Today is the first year since we officially became Orbits! I want to congratulate each one of my fellow Orbits on this anniversary and tell you that ours is the craziest, funniest and most supportive fandom. I hope we can still supporting each other and our precious girls for many more years.
  2. Ashla_K

    Teaser Loona's Haseul photo teaser

    OMFG! It seems like we will have LOONA TV and photo teasers until the comeback, which (probably) is the same day as the concert. MomSeul looks gorg, we're getting the dark concept we wanted for so long... I can't deal... :sj_weary::pepecheer::pepecheer:
  3. Chahee

    Ksource Picassos thread - Do you draw?

    Post you latest arts in this threads. Mine was this one: I'm thinking about trying some animation stuff, we'll see... My deviant art profile is the same on my sig: