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love rumpumpum

  1. perhapz

    Performance That moment when the song stops playing in the middle of the stage...

    ... but they pull off the whole song perfectly. Stan talented_9 :maheart:
  2. perhapz

    Dance Practice fromis_9's "Love Rumpumpum" Choreography video

    After this period of Love Rumpumpum promotions on music shows, I've come to like the song way more than I did before. The choreo is not hard, but it's cute. It feels a little empty without the fanchants tho lol. This song has a fanchant for almost every line of the song, check it here if you...
  3. perhapz

    Sales fromis_9's "Fun Factory" ends promotions with 46.5k album sales on Hanteo

    We improving bois :maheart:
  4. perhapz

    MV fromis_9 "FUN" M/V is out!

    Check it out! Some Taglist: @goyo @Seokjin @Ireneisbaee @Jichuus @Tir @RandAlThor @Walnutt @FrenchRose @Ozymandias @AnotherKpopTrash @NogaNono @itzybitzyblink @Dwragon @kuroyuri @arieam @dooh @Hallybell @MonCherry @deadstar @JakeyWantsCakey @Tpse @Queen @ChaseMeJiYoo @Chahee @MochiFace...