1. Soleski

    My chemical romance is back??

    apparently MCR is coming back is this just a concert or new songs too?? PLS NEW SONGS IM BEGGING also pls do a world tour :pandasad::pandasad::pandasad:
  2. Soleski

    Appreciation J-hope is a precious friend ♥

    In today's run episode they had to give each other presents and Hobi gave this to Jimin: :maheart: :maheart: Jimin was so moved what an amazing present :maheart: Jihope :sanapray::sanapray: I can't stop smiling, they are adorable.:pepeheart: also I didnt notice when I made this thread...
  3. Soleski

    Appreciation BTS - We are bulletproof pt 2 2014 vs 2019

    they are amazing :pepeheart: I love the song and the choreo so much also Jimin's body roll is no joke