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  1. RainbowDevil

    Which IZ*ONE members weren't supposed to debut?

    I remember someone talking about which IZ*ONE and X1 members would have been in the groups if not for the voter manipulation And since I didn't know IZ*ONE at the time. Which member would have made it and instead of which current member? Probably Kaeun and Miho instead of Yena and Yuri? Since as...
  2. A

    News Woody under fire, might become next accused indie artist of sajaegi

    So, after Nilo, Shaun and Banhana, it's time for Woody to get netizens cake of saltiness. Woody recently released Fire Up and the song beamed to #1 on major real-time charts. His agency responded, beautifully in my opinion: Meanwhile, netizens have been quick to assume that this was...