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  1. kuro

    upcoming comebacks of 2019

    starting on april first, many popular kpop groups like twice, bts, iz*one blackpink, etc. are coming back, so I am curious to see whose you're most eagerly waiting for, and whose is going to be a hit. some groups haven't released a lot of teasers or anything, so it's hard to judge for them, but...
  2. Ems

    Jacksepticeye March Livestream Charity

    DONATE HERE: PMA Charity Merch: Charity Water: Weekend For Water:
  3. kuro

    WOOWA or I'm So Hot

    pretty simple both bops released close together both groups I stan both more of a dance pop tune both have catchy choruses what more to say? for me, it's probably i'm so hot, because I was anticipating that more than woowa, but both songs exceeded my expectations. woowa's choreo and chorus are...
  4. A

    Comeback BLACKPINK will come back in March