1. Baechu

    Appreciation A YEAR IN K-POP | 2019 MEGAMIX

    Just came across this: Despite what a rollercoaster this year was, we should still appreciate all those bops we got this year! :pepeheart:
  2. Mayday

    Cover Thoughts on my friends' mashup?

    I honestly really love it.
  3. Mayday

    Cover GFRIEND x TWICE x BLACKPINK - Fever x DTNA x Signal x Playing With Fire (Mashup)

    Someone I know made this mashup earlier today, and as they're just starting, if you have the time, check it out!~ Channel: Normal Smasher Also, I wasn't sure what prefix this should be, so if a staff member doesn't mind fixing it, please do so.
  4. Mayday

    Audio Everything is Dalla Dalla

  5. dooh

    Cover Mashup Cover BTS - BS&T x Blackpink - PWF

    In a perfect world, this collaboration would happen, one can dream, right? Both songs are my ult fav and they fit so perfect together, love this mashup cover ! ( already 1 year into kpop, but i will never forget these two songs, so many memories and emotions )
  6. perhapz

    Audio Bon Bon Chocolat x DDDD - The mashup with the best chorus ever!

    The rest of the mashup is kinda OK, but the chorus hits so hard. Almost like they were made for each other. :sj_weary: Check it:
  7. Mayday

    Everything is not what it seems