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  1. RockyGoose

    I'm suddenly getting reminded of this Mona Lisa song

    Well... I still like this song. (even though this song was released before I became a kpop fan)
  2. Tickita

    Mashup MBLAQ x Ne Yo

    I always thought Stay reminded me of Closer, mostly because of the guitar, so
  3. RavenHikari

    Disbanded K-Pop Groups That Make Me S(M)AD Part 1

    This a list of groups who have disband but they disbanded in an unsavory way to me. Honorable mention groups who disbanded after they just debuted: Kiss&Cry The Ark A6P and others 6. A-JAX (2012 -"2019") I put 2019 in quotation marks because in reality their last comeback was in 2013... I...
  4. RavenHikari

    A Group That Was Ahead Of The Trends

    MBLAQ and Latin/Spanish Influenced songs. Mona Lisa (2011) Oh Yeah (2009) *this was their debut song* Man. I miss them. :pepecry2::pepecry1::pepecry2::pepecry1::pepecry2: :chickill: J. Tune Camp:chickill: At least the members are doing things...
  5. RavenHikari

    18+ Suits.....

    A Concept that is the most superior in every way It is elegant. It is classy it is non-revealing yet it is so sexy. Idols In Suits Is My Everything. Throwback to 2014 where MBLAQ Be A Man Era where their concept was literally suits. :sj_weary: Then there are dance practices where idols...
  6. QueenB

    Wanna see something cute?

    So I recently became aware of MBLAQ member G.O and Choi Yeseul (actress and his girlfriend)YouTube and honestly i'm addicted! They are so cute and my heart can't take it Bonus: They met up with Mir sometimes after his discharge and have a couple videos with him that are cute as well. I...
  7. yeji

    MBLAQ Badge [DONE]

    Welcome to the A+ MBLAQ Badge Thread RE-VOTING POLL Suggestion Period: 4.11 - 9.11 Voting Period: 9.11 - 13.11 Requirements: -use HD pictures -avoid fan account pictures -make sure the badge is sized 77 x 77 [My suggestions will be posted later here i the thread]
  8. yeji

    Cover MBLAQ G.O uploading another cover

    I just love his voice an this cover is just so beautiful. I really hope that MBLAQ OT5 will happen sometime.