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  1. K

    cleaning is hard TT

    .. I spent the whole day cleaning and it always makes me so stressed and exhausted because of the stupid ocd.... I know it sounds dumb to feel that way over something like this but it's true, it creates utter chaos in my mind and it all just leaves me paralyzed.. I feel like my brain is fried...
  2. K

    what is up with siren head........

    I don't know much about it but isn't it kinda lame?
  3. la_mort_pour_vous

    Appreciation ❄️ An Icy Birthday ❄️

    Sugar, ice, and everything nice, The one whose birthday is on a joke day, On this occasion we do not pray to Jesus Christ, But to the ice elf who keeps all negativity at bay. hello, my dear friend slight_smile I would just like to wish you the happiest and most blessed birthday! I hope that...
  4. K

    gott im himmel *sighs*

    I am so sick and tired of this rain and gray and especially this nasty wind >_> that is all
  5. K

    where's the skip button for this day -__-

    I am not ready for my coworkers once again torturing me with their giggling and their questions about me and this guy who is idk what to me but not my boyfriend but they think he is and idk how to deal sighhh *annoyed* (it's all so complicated) >_>
  6. K

    I have been having trouble..

    .. shopping...... :nekosweat: honestly, I don't even try to find anything in town anymore.. I pretty much only shop online but these days even that has been a very fruitless thing.. so I pretty much have nothing to wear lately......good thing I don't have anywhere to go either these days either...
  7. jasque

    I can't stop reliving those visions

    That was the first day We are cherished paradisians Will these images stay? And all the memories we had together Are they light as feathers? What is the weight of our hearts? Another day has passed and I'm thinking Where are you? The words not spoken, I'm regretting Impatient I am and...
  8. Skinnny

    How to cure boredom?

    Basically what the title says. I am so bored rn and I have absolutely no idea what to do except from cursing myself for being socially awkward. :pepecry1: I wonder what do ksourceries do when they are bored. Meanwhile appreciate jihyo.
  9. Skinnny

    So how do you.......

    Spend your weekend? Do you do something special or just carry on with your usual routine. For me, my weekend consists of doing some chores, procrastinating, telling myself to study, watching some movies and reading a book or two. Wbu?