1. taemkitten

    Hot Topic Markdown & Clearance: f(x), SHINee, SUJU, Monsta X, iKON

    To anyone that hasn't purchased (and still wants to purchase) merchandise from Hot Topic, they currently are having quite the mark down on many K-Pop items and a clearance on one of their SHINee shirts, f(x) shirt, Monsta X, and Super Junior shirt! Down to $9.00 from $29.00 for those three...
  2. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation 📦 Monsta X lightstick version 2 unboxing thread! 📸

    I was not expecting their arrival until tomorrow, but they got here early, so...LET'S GO!!! Now, I admit when Starship first announced it, I wasn't necessarily 100% on-board. It's really hard to get a feel for something based on promotional images alone. Removing the box from the bubble wrap...
  3. makestar

    Pick your choice of merch

    As you know, Makestar's crowdfunding projects offer a lot of rewards. We'd like to know your preferences!!! So vote!!! pls