1. marublade

    Appreciation EXO's merchbot is acting all unusual [Lay themed]

    EXO's merchbot is Lay themed for the release of his album "Producer" This has never happened before! The merchbot simply does not DO Lay stuff! Well done Merchie, you did well for once!
  2. marublade

    EXO's merchbot [aka the official twt account] is acting weird

    It's been..... WEIRD! The merchbot has been posting things about Yixing of all people! :jisoosmh: :pandaamazed: And negative comments about Chen have been getting deleted really fast recently! This all is making my delusional ass hopeful against my best interests! Do I dare hope AGAIN! (yes....)
  3. marublade

    Appreciation EXO's merchbot is DONE with International EXO-ls acting like impatient dumbasses

    People FREAKED out on twitter over some EXO schedules being cancelled or pushed back. Merchbot got sassy. "thank you for your patience" That shit is about as passive aggressive as it gets! not to mention them literally putting things in more simple terms in 2nd tweet in english. There was only...