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  1. Belgizen

    Teaser woo!ah! Minseo teaser version 2

  2. Belgizen

    Teaser woo!ah! Minseo teasers

  3. Belgizen

    Debut woo!ah! Debut thread - EXCLAMATION 13.05

    woo!ah! is an upcoming group under nv Entertainment. There will be 6 members. They are scheduled to debut very soon in 2020. Group Pictures Members Nana Kwon Nayeon March 9 2002 Leader & dancer Songyee She is 16 years old. Sora Sakata Sora 17 years old Japanese Wooyeon 17 years...
  4. QueenB

    News Minseo comeback soon!!

    I'm so excited!!! I've been waiting for her next song~
  5. Bara

    Have your biases from different groups interact?

    Almost all my biases have :queen:
  6. A

    MV Minseo is back in a cute collab with Paul Kim for "2cm"!

    I love Minseo, this is beautiful.