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miss korea

  1. SeulPika

    Photo Joy is my joy

    :pandaamazed::pandalove::pandalove: @Reveluv
  2. SeulPika

    Photo Joy the selfie queen

    :llama_blush::llama_BLEED: Even whilst wearing a mask, Joy's beauty is unmatched! :pandalove: :pandalove: :pandalove: @Reveluv
  3. SeulPika

    Photo Joy's summer glow

    :pandalove: :pandalove: Joy's summer beauty is so refreshing! :pandalove: @Reveluv
  4. SeulPika

    Photo Joy is the woman

    This woman..... :joysip: How dare she constantly give me a reason to go onto IG!! :sj_weary: @Reveluv
  5. SeulPika

    Photo Miss Korea is back again!

    GOD DAMN, PARK SOOYOUNG!! :nakypog::jisoosmh::llama_blush::llama_BLEED::pandalove: @Reveluv
  6. SeulPika

    Appreciation Joy is slaying me

    PARK SOOYOUNG! :llama_BLEED: I swear..... This woman is a danger to my health! :irenecrazy: Miss Sexy Dynamite is just playing with my heart at this point....... :joysip: @Reveluv
  7. SeulPika

    Photo Miss Korea is dazzling

    Hello Miss Korea!!! Additionally Joy is releasing an OST on the 20th March at 12pm KST!! Please support her, Luvies!!!! :pikahappy:
  8. SeulPika

    Teaser What were Joy's stylists thinking?

    Miss Sexy Dynamite pulling off this look well. But then this.... .... At first glance I thought that SM's stylists had given her dreadlocks. But fortunately on a closer look they are only braids. But still. Why the hell would they do her dirty like this?! You don't give Miss Korea a hair...
  9. SeulPika

    Photo Joy giving us joy on IG

    Okay Miss Korea.... I see that you're already wanting to make your IG a dangerous place!!! :yolk::sj_weary: Doesn't Joy look absolutely gorgeous in these photos? :pikahappy: