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  1. PorcelainHeart

    Vote for Moguris Cat Banner

    I will fight for her right It only makes sense to! Cat banner for Moguri! you know it is purrfect
  2. Moguri

    The badgiest user of them all

    It's me, Moguri :llama_flirt: I have collected 300 Badges now, I don't think anyone else has that many :dogsmile:
  3. Moguri

    Searching All sets I'm missing 1, 2 or 3 cards to complete

    If you are trading any of those cards, please let me know :pandaangel: Missing one: Missing 2: Missing 3:
  4. Moguri

    GFX Moguri's Layout Storage

    Just a thread to store my old layouts, please do not comment here! Layout Jan - Feb 2024 💗🤍💗🤍 Card Trading: [normal] - [limited] - [beginner guide] 💗🤍💗🤍 💗IVE💗🤍KITSCH💗🤍REI🤍💗COUPLE🤍💗LIZ💗🤍KITSCH💗🤍IVE🤍
  5. Moguri

    Twice have set my sig ablaze 🔥🔥🔥

    Help, its burning, burning, burning~ :uwu: For mobile users: 🧡🤍🧡🤍 Card Trading: [normal] - [limited] - [beginner guide] 🧡🤍🧡🤍
  6. Moguri

    How cool is my new pfp??

    Personally I think its pretty cool :bulbasip:I'm curious what everyone else thinks!
  7. Moguri

    I have created more than 2000 threads now

    Moguri is the most diligent cat in the univsrse :catrock:
  8. Moguri

    Found My friendship with the generator will never end!

    The generator yet again comes in clutch for Moguri, his best friend! I felt like we had a bit of a communication issue during the valentines event so far, so for my last request I wanted to help my friend gain some clarity on what card to give me and requested my dailies like this: I woke up...
  9. Moguri

    Found Dahyun legendary - reaching my life goals

    :kittylove::kittylove: After an eternal struggle and hundreds of failed attempts, I finally convinced @Boyo to trade me my most desired Dahuny legendary card :plushielove::plushielove::plushielove: I'm super excited to finally have gotten this card :excitedcat::excitedcat::excitedcat:
  10. Moguri

    Harmony's girl group adventures

    @Snowflake_Starz have fun checking out all the girl groups :uwu:
  11. Valentine_Kitty

    Introducing KPS's New Ship!

    Banner by @Snowflake_Starz Recently Dispcat revealed a new couple on New Years and some of you may already know who the shipped users are but for those who did not follow the magazine, here is an official thread announcing the couple! :pandahappy: The first user is a very kind, sweet, honest...
  12. Moguri

    Moguris cute trading hub is gone

    At least the name :bulbasip: I decided to rename, from now on you will find my thread under this name: I also added a really cool emoticon to the title, please check it out!! Hope you like it, I'm excited about the new name...
  13. Moguri

    I just created an enormous pile of...

    Threads! :llama_flirt: I think this is the achievement you get for creating 1500 Threads! I can't believe I created this many :passcodea:
  14. Moguri

    Moguris card game beginner guide

    Just a little guide how to get started with card collecting, it's really easy! :llama_squish: You get the cards by fulfilling one of the 2 daily missions on here. The missions are the same every day and you can do both, to get 2 cards! A day starts and ends by the KST timezone.
  15. Moguri

    Moguri 20k

    I managed ro reach 20k posts in my first year here! :passcodea: In the era of super posters with 7k posts per month, this may seem like nothing, but for me its quite a lot and I never expected to post so much when I joined! Thank you to all the nice people who interacted with me and kept me...
  16. Moguri

    I pressed "post thread" a thousand times

    I almost missed it, but @Day made me aware that I'm sitting on 999 Threads... now its 1000 :sakUwu: Sadly I have no grand idea of what to do for my thousands thread, I wanted to do a little overview on how many of those thousand threads were made on my faves Twice & IVE, bad sadly the search...
  17. Moguri

    What would you say is my catchphrase?

    I don't think I have one, but maybe other users see it differently! Is there some certain phrase or something I would say that comes to your mind if you see me? If not, what catchphrase do you think would suit me? :kirbypop:
  18. Moguri

    Moguri 10k

    My 10k post! :sakUwu: I don't have much to say on it, still enjoy here it very much! Please stay awesome everyone, love you all :nekolove:
  19. Moguri

    Sensitive For the users who don't follow me

    Why? Don't you want to be friends with me?:animecry:
  20. Moguri

    I finally figured out how to setup the profile video!

    Finally I found the option where to set it up and made it work, it took me only 4 month :cold_doge: (Its hidden in Account / Preferences / Youtube Video in case you are noob like me :llama_blush:) You can now listen to KITSCH KITSCH KITSCH on my profile :catsip: