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  1. Darkseid


    I might have set up one of the best card trades till date :sj_weary: A 4 way trade :lisalaugh: 1. I gave NCT Renjun to @maruberry for IU 3. 2. I give IU 3 to @Yili for Wendy 3. @Yili gives IU 3 to @Xeulgi for Monsta X Wonho :wimwim: I feel so proud, Cards team plz see this through thanks...
  2. LeeHoseok

    News Monsta X & Snoop Dogg to release 'How We Do' for The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run OST

    No release date yet for the full track, but here's a clip from the film! @Monbebe
  3. raymondchouku

    K-Pop Alarm

    What songs do you think are good to wake up for or have you used as an alarm? I have had two songs in the past as my alarms:
  4. LeeHoseok


    :llama_shook: :llama_shook: :llama_shook:
  5. LeeHoseok

    Teaser JOOHONEY - 'SMOKY' | PSYCHE 10.09

    My heart isn't ready for this one. :sadcat: @Monbebe
  6. LeeHoseok

    Comeback Monsta X 3rd Album | Fatal Love | 11.02

    It's about that time again, @Monbebe!
  7. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation Open Mind Is A (Won)Hoe Anthem!!!

    Like it's basically just a song about how he'll be as kinky as you want for one night and then yeet you in the morning! lol
  8. RainbowDevil


    Yes this explains absolutely everything that you ever knew about being good looking Why? Because reasons! I've noticed through some snooping around that I may have stanned BVNDIT in a similar manner to why i stanned Monsta X And you wouldn't believe the reason. It's cause of Hyungwon in both...
  9. RainbowDevil

    'FANTASIA X' Dr.Darth Review

    Haven't been following MX much recently mostly cause I've been out of everything kpop related except the stuff that randomly pops up here and there so Imma take the time to listen to this and comment on it. @Lady_Camellia also made one so I wanted to see what I thought of it. 01. Fantasia It...
  10. Mairi

    Appreciation my Monsta X "Fantasia X" review

    I will make a short review about their newest album for you! I was kinda disappointed by their previous act but this one has reconcilliated me with the group, despite being the first one without Wonho ... My overall rating about this new EP would be around 7/10 (if I take their whole discography...
  11. gayzone

    Comeback monsta x 'fantasia' mv

  12. LeeHoseok

    News Wonho opens VLive & Fanship, looking for fanclub name submissions

    AAHHHHHHH!!!!! I am so excited to finally hear that voice after so long. Now to get my name suggestion translated. :pandalove:
  13. Bless_Me_Achoo

    News Monsta X postponing comeback to May 26th due to Shownu experiencing back pain

    I hope he gets well soon :pepecry2:
  14. Bless_Me_Achoo

    Teaser Monsta X Fantasia X concept photo 2 (Minhyuk and Kihyun)

    For some reason I was expecting a darker concept, but I was wrong lol
  15. Bless_Me_Achoo

    Teaser Monsta X Fantasia X concept photo 1 (Shownu and Hyungwon)

    Just realised, I forgot to post these yesterday~
  16. LeeHoseok

    News Wonho, king of the selcas, has returned!!!!!

    I can't stop crying, but this is GOOD crying. This is the day I've waited for. It's been SIX MONTHS since his last selca. Welcome home, sweet bunny. :pandalove: