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  1. Bless_Me_Achoo

    Photo Kihyun for Dazed

  2. Bless_Me_Achoo

    MV Monsta X - You Can't Hold My Heart MV

  3. Bless_Me_Achoo

    Chart Monsta X's 널하다 (I Do Love U) debuts at #5 on Billboard's World Digital Sales Chart

    The song was produced and written by Wonho~
  4. Bless_Me_Achoo

    Appreciation Who told him to be so perfect

    I can't believe it's already been 2 years since Hyungwon slayed everyone with his pink hair That concludes my Hyungwon spam lol
  5. Bless_Me_Achoo

    MV Kihyun - Again Spring (어서와 OST)

  6. Bless_Me_Achoo

    Appreciation Can he just release a solo already

    Can Shownu just release a solo song already Minhyuk released a mixtape and has posted covers, Wonho produced songs (and was going to have had a solo before Starship robbed us) Kihyun has posted covers and sang OSTs, Hyungwon had a collaboration with Hongbin and released songs as H.ONE...
  7. Bless_Me_Achoo

    Appreciation Wonho world domination

    So a few days ago someone posted a video of Wonho on Tiktok and it already has 9.1mil views and 1mil likes Here is the original fancam: Since it was posted he's gained more fans even though he left the group over 5 months ago now. When he was spotted back in January the sweatshirt he was...
  8. eclipsoul

    News Monsta X to make a comeback in May

  9. LeeHoseok

    Update: False alarm and I get to be disappointed again.

  10. LeeHoseok

    News Joohoney is back!!!

    MX prepping for a comeback, too! It's a lovely day! :pikahappy: