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  1. perhapz

    Appreciation Happy birthday, Onda (Everglow)! 🧁

    Happy birthday to our cute and smiley, Onda! Smol EVERGLOW Taglist
  2. Darth_Lixo

    Appreciation EVERGLOW IS RISING

    Youtube views for Bon Bon Chocolat have not slowed down the second day. Views are about the hit 5 MILLION. Support for Everglow is increasing. :queen: I could've sworn the views were less than 2 million this time yesterday. They are going on really strong. Please check out their other...
  3. vogue

    MV MOON (Feat. Dok2) "MILLION" MV Released

    why am I in love with her. She is gooood, And Dok2 is killing his vers.