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  1. Abeamus

    Tourney Moonlight vs Wanna Go Back - R5 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Moonlight and Wanna Go Back have both had bad luck during the tournament with each picking up a total of 0 wins but now that they are in a match against each other which one will pick up their 1st and last win? Other Round 5 Matches Lion vs Sorry Destiny vs Guerilla
  2. Abeamus

    Tourney Guerilla vs Moonlight - R4 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Guerilla is currently the leading song in the tournament not having a single loss and is going against Moonlight which doesn't have a single win, will Guerilla pick up its 1st loss or will Moonlight get another one added? Other Round 4 Matches Destiny vs Lion Sorry vs Wanna Go Back
  3. Abeamus

    Tourney Destiny vs Moonlight - R3 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Destiny received its 1st loss last round and Moonlight received its 2nd loss last round so with them going against each other which one will get a win to get back on the right track? Other Round 3 Matches Guerilla vs Sorry Lion vs Wanna Go Back
  4. Abeamus

    Tourney Lion vs Moonlight - R2 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Lion and Moonlight both did poorly in their 1st round matches and ended up with a loss but this is the chance for one of them to turn it around but out of Lion and Moonlight who will pick up the win? Other Round 2 Matches Destiny vs Sorry Guerilla vs Wanna Go Back
  5. Abeamus

    Tourney Moonlight vs Sorry - R1 Queendom 2.0 Tournament

    Lovelyz final performance Moonlight going up against AOAs final performance Sorry but which one will be feeling sorry after losing this round? Other Round 1 Matches Destiny vs Wanna Go Back Guerilla vs Lion