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  1. BlackpinkINSync

    I will be at mothers place for 5 days

    I do not know if I will be near the lappy that much. I just want to hang with my mum I haven't seen her in 12 years which is a long time. To all that know me. I will be in touch :dubuthink:
  2. BlackpinkINSync

    Mums package came yesterday.

    Mostly blu ray movies and some thai pastes, Such a great mother! @kimsguardian @Yachii
  3. BlackpinkINSync

    I just discovered....

    My mum was born outside of Bangkok and not directly there. so someone stuffed up her visa oops. I've been making her photos with dad a better quality nowadays It's an easy mistake to make. But yeah.... weird. new chore: to full size the only photo with mum and my brother and I
  4. maruberry

    Haters are targeting Lay's mother, she responds [Lay's mother is a badass]

    I don't have much to say, tha woman seems to have covered everything already!
  5. maruberry

    Who is the better mother, Kun or Taeyong?

    Which one of these 2 is the better mother? The Korean one or the Chinese one? In my imagination Kun has all the chinese members + Ten, Taeyong has the rest and the dreamies are shared custody! The Dreamies (Minus Renle) all used to Be only Taeyong's, but then Drippin' happened and Kun stepped...