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  1. Pigeon

    Appreciation YA YA YA YA YA

    stan mxm such cuties I- stan txt, park jihoon, ha sungwoon, daniel, brand new boys(including daehwi and woojin) , guanlin, jaehwan, jinyoung, seongwoo, jisung, minhyun, and fromis_9
  2. Yseki

    Teaser MXM One More Preview

    Looking good. I can't wait for all four members to debut after the other two comeback from wanna one.
  3. Vikki

    Group AB6IX Artist Thread

    Welcome to the AB6IX Artist thread! AB6IX is a 5 membered boygroup from Brand New Music set to debut in 2019. 4 members participated on Produce 101 season 2, with Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin placing 3rd and 6th respecitvely, earning a place in the temporary group Wanna One. Lim Youngmin and...