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my baby

  1. Suzy


    I love him. We need more artists to act like this. Papparazzi/Sasaengs are literal stalkers and can cause so many dangerous situations. They need to be dealt with with the law. In other news, since news of him having a child was released, Hua Chen Yu gained 1.2+M new followers and he reached...
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation I miss Chenle

    I don't really keep up with Dream, since well.... I only REALLY stan Chenle in there but this means I now miss Chenle..... my babie.... can he plz join WayV?
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation I can't get these 2 songs out of my head

    I've had Keyakizaka's 2018 tour on loop for like a week now and these 2 songs... I just can't get over them! No to mention the way Techi looks so etherial in Mou Mori e Kaerou Ka... and Kimi ga Inai is just such a good song!