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my favorite songs

  1. RavenHikari

    Raven's Top 100 K-pop Songs Of 2018

    This is only including songs that have mvs: 100. Day6 - Shoot Me 99. Blanc7 - Drama 98. Fromis_9 - DKDK 97. Target - Awake 96. Pentagon - Naughty Boy 95. Crush - Bittersweet 94. Luna - Night Reminiscin 93. JBJ - Call Your Name 92. Woohyun - If only you are fine 91.Sam Kim - Make Up 90. Honey...
  2. Ashla_K

    Appreciation My top 15 songs of 2018, so far...

    Title tracks and Bsides as well.:llama_lovely: Katie- Remember Moon ft. Dok2- Million Red Velvet- Blue Lemonade Ikon- Goodbye road Loona- Stylish Momoland- Bboom Bboom Red Velvet- Bad boy Sojung (Ladie's code)- Crystal clear G-idle- Hann GWSN- Puzzle Moon NCT-U- Baby don't stop Loona YYXY- One...