mydoll girls

  1. marublade

    Appreciation Give me one good reason for why you haven't done this yet?

    WHY TF haven't you stanned Pink Fantasy yet? Pink Fantasy is FINALLY coming back as a whole group (+ even some guests) after over a YEAR!!! To celebrate this all of you should stan! Stan Pink Fantasy, stan talent! Stan their vocal powerhouse duo! Stan their cutie maknae duo! Stan...
  2. marublade

    News Pink Fantasy to have a comeback + a new MyDoll GG preparing for debut

    OHMYGOD FINALLY I'VE WAITED FOR THIS FOR SO LONG! So from what I understand, in the January single, there will only be Pink Fantasy + Heesun. The album will have PF + Heesun + The MyDoll Girl 3 (aka the trainees) FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY MY BABE YECHAN IS COMING! :sadcat: :sadcat...
  3. marublade

    News Busters and MyDoll girls (Pink Fantasy) collab unit MyBling

    I will not pretend that I'm not utterly confused and bewildered by this.... Apparently there will also be a 7th still unannounced member! So far the members are from my understanding Arang (01), Harin (00) and Heesun (05) from MyDoll and Minji (06), Jieun (05) and Takara (05) from Busters...
  4. marublade

    Cover MyDoll girls/Ex-Pink Fantasy Yubeen cover of "12:45" by Etham

    This song fits her voice so WELL and the low notes are just..... SO STUNNING! Yubeen is so amazing
  5. marublade

    18+ Aini is the prettiest girl to ever exist

    I love her so much she is just... STUNNING! Absolutely stunning and beautiful and just breathtaking!
  6. marublade

    Appreciation Why Mydoll ent. is the best company in kpop and all others should take note

    Mydoll is the best company in kpop. Simple as that. They are the only one who I can trust to have the idols best interests in heart. Their CEO is a former idol herself and created the company to support idols, not to make money. They picked idols to debut without considering age or visuals...