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  1. floorange


    yo Yo yo, im chimchimisahim and I'm new here. I go on a lot of k pop forums sometimes I don't go on there at all or sometimes I go on all the time. I came in here because it looked nice and there s nice people here (But I don't know yet since I just signed up but you probably are really nice) be...
  2. P

    Face Reveal time Hurray

    I air brushed to look more quality the photo. But here I am <3 Enjoy :)
  3. Tsukino

    Tell me what you think about me

    As it makes almost half a year I joined KPS, I decided to make a special thread :) It is based on @potato thread she made yesterday. It made me curious to know what image you have of me :susPepe: Tags @Skinnny @potato @LadyLoverSunmi @Kiseki @Hallybell @raja @blueberries @Hayabusa @kodoku...
  4. maruberry

    @everyone who doesn't know me

    Do y'all even exist? Because I am so legendary you MUST know me! besides... come talk to me! I need more people to talk with!
  5. maruberry

    Am I projecting my own personality onto Kun? [18+ ish, but not really]

    If you haven't seen my thread about Kun Maybe I am projecting myself onto him? I have been described by many as a mother bear, especially towards friends who are younger than me... I also don't mind people teasing me and...
  6. maruberry

    @everyone who knows me and everyone who doesn't know me

    What do you think of me? Even if we haven't talked do you have an impression of me and if yes, what is it?
  7. MochiFace

    Intro The new lazy bitch in town !!!!

    AYO Bitches !! i came here to take my crown as : → Number 1 snsd fan → Number 1 fromily member → Number 1 hayoung fanboy → Number 1 Sooyoung fan I'm the new lazy bitch in the kpopsource town How are you ???