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  1. RavenHikari

    Appreciation Former and Current Idols On Produce

    This Just an appreciation of idols who are on this season. 1. Kang Hyunsoo (Debuted 2013/2017) A member of LC9 and BLK The most violent debut in kpop East Of Eden BLK - Hero 2. Cho Seungyoun (Debuted 2014) Member of Uniq / He is also a soloist Falling In Love Best Friend Next Mistake 3/4...
  2. kookheon

    Solo Lee Taevin (이태빈) Thread

  3. NeoSquare

    News MYTEEN's Taevin announces departure of the group...

    November/December seems to be the departure-month... Today, his company wrote this statement: Source Wishing all the best for him and his group in the future!