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  1. Emanresu

    Appreciation Nakyung The Pink Haired Anime Dream

    Nakyung The Pink Haired Anime Dream That pink hair bare shoulders combo just rocked my existence. Swoon X 3048485999999999383847488828.
  2. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation Look Who's Getting Love For Her Visuals

    Look at how many likes this tweet has Fromis 9 Lee Nakyung original post: here 1. F*cking pretty 2. She looks like a lighter skin version of Tzuyu f*cking pretty.. 3. She looks like a doll 4. Lee Nakyung's beauty is not her best asset, her aegyo is her best asset...
  3. perhapz

    Performance fromis_9 - "FUN!" Comeback stage at M COUNTDOWN

    - The group fancam: And you can find the individual fancams here.
  4. perhapz

    Appreciation Happy birthday, Lee Nakyung! 🐱

    Happy birthday to our aegyo and visual queen, Lee Nakyung! a.k.a Nagyung, Naky, Nakko Majjyo majjyo! Have some Nakyung aegyo compilation, newcomers:
  5. kuro

    Appreciation dedicated for @pigeon

    @Seokjin the aesthetic :sj_weary: I just got pulled back into the flover hole and sowon couldn't save me so glad I joined army base or I'd be the biggest doublecrosser of all time n a k y u n g :queen:
  6. perhapz

    Well, I'm not sorry for doing this

    Shameless fromis_9 promotion time! Stan these pretty, cute, funny, sexy and talented girls! :pandalove:
  7. Pigeon


    Lee Nakyung Appreciation Thread our adorable lead vocalist :sanapray: Stage Name: Nagyung (나경) Birth Name: Lee Na-gyung (이나경) Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual Birthday: June 1, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Height: 159 cm (5’2″) Weight: 42 kg (92 lbs) Blood Type: A Instagram: @na.gyung61...
  8. Pigeon

    Appreciation Something to cheer you up in the middle of this mess...

    3.... 2.... 1...
  9. Pigeon

    Appreciation y u should stan txt

    1. they're cute 2 . nakyung suggests stanning 3 . jihoon suggests stanning so stan txt stan txt, park jihoon, and fromis_9
  10. Pigeon

    I need more ideas

    for Nakyung threads i need to spread the love and i need more posts for her badge and the rest of w1 give me ideas stan txt, park jihoon, and fromis_9
  11. Pigeon

    can people just let me be?

    i just wanna live a normal life with nakyung i mean if i ever saw her irl i would faint but yeah so pls
  12. Pigeon

    im not a fromis_9 solo stan or akgae

    just letting u know it's just that im heavily biased for nakyung like im obsessed RISE FROMIS_9
  13. Pigeon

    Appreciation ig im gg trash now

    bc fromis_9 is a girl group and drum roll please
  14. Pigeon

    Appreciation Nakyung has opened my eyes.

    NCT U can't relate i feel like im in a whole new world she is so beautiful all i want for christmas is to meet her please just please maybe add in jihoon too
  15. Pigeon

    i never thought this would happen

    female idol in my dp nakyung is just too pretty
  16. perhapz

    Cover The best cover you'll listen today

    Nakyung and Hayoung (both fromis_9) singing "Youth" by Troye Sivan. Stan fromis_9 :sanapray: