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  1. Shou

    I'm finally rewatching Naruto

    I've only watched the series once, and that was way back in middle school. I remember I got so bored during the first season I quit watching during the Chunin exams and immediately went over to watching Shippuden. It was during winter break and I was so proud of myself for cramming the series...
  2. blueberries

    Appreciation Best Naruto Arc? (poll)

    Similar as One Piece- this one has lot of arcs, but similarly to Bleach, it also had lot of filler arcs :jisoosmh: Isn't it kinda funny how many arcs are about Sasuke being a idiot and dick? Naruto Prologue (1-19) Chunin Exams (20-67) Sasuke Recovery Mission (107-135) It's...
  3. blueberries

    News Real Ninja reacts to Naruto

    Came across this video from AsianBoss and had to share Including ninja techniques, ninja weapons and confirming that naruto run is real ninja thing
  4. Soleski

    Naruto openings ❤

    Personally I love Naruto's opening, so I decided to make a thread about my top 3. Shippuden Share yours :pandalove::pandalove: